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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Juhdo Pull
Location Mushd Corner
Coords [12,5]
Details Inside Feca Temple
Options Talk

Juhdo Pull is an NPC.

Formerly known as Juhdo Peule.



Until a few years ago, Fecas used to test their fighting skills on unsuspecting Gobballs, but that all changed when we discovered a species known as Dopples that live solely to fight! They make excellent sparring partners, no matter what level you are.

Take on each Dopple.
Train with a Dopple.

Fighting Dopples is no laughing matter, you know. Are you ready?

Start training.
Find out more about Dopples.

Dopples are being which imitate others to survive. We don't know too much about where they come from; one day they just appeared en masse and tried to invade our land. We defeated them, of course, and since then we don't tend to see too many around.

Exchange Doploons.

Sure thing! If you have enough Doploons, I'm sure I'll have something to tickle your fancy.

Reset characteristics to zero.
Nothing right now.


Dopple Trainer for