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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Huckle Ingon at [-54,34]
Level required 1
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 1-200
Total rewards Level-based XP (678,600 for Lv. 199)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel A Raw Deal, Beware of the Sauroshells, Crystal Rasha
Repeatable Yes, every Tuesday

Kapla! is a repeatable quest.


Talk to Huckle Ingon at [-54,34]


Welcome to Vulkorog, the island for the real tourists! Just like every week, we're running a competition with Otomaisle to see which island has the hardiest tourists. And, just like every week, our courage is going to see us through!

Join the Vulkorog tourists.

Haha, you're kidding right? Do you really think i accept any old nobody into our team for the weekly contest? You need to earn your place! Go to Otomaisle, to the south, and soil their flag. I couldn't care less how you do it, I just want their flag to be well and truly soiled, got it? Oh, and before i forget: if you have any Otomaisle Scarves on you, I'll have those, thank you very much!

Note: you will lose all of your Otomaisle Scarves and be unable to join Otomaisle side until the next Tuesday.

Step 1: Kapla![]

Huckle Ingon has asked you to soil the Otomaisle flag in order to earn your place on the Vulkorog team.


  • Level-based XP (678,600 for Lv. 199)


You will join Vulkorog side and be able to earn Vulkorog Scarves from the sequel quests until the next Tuesday.

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