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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Karla Shnikoff
Location Entrance to Harebourg's Castle
Coords [-66,-74]
Options Talk

Karla Shnikoff is an NPC.



How am I supposed to keep our logistics in order if everyone does exactly what they want?! As usual, Darwin is wasting ammo by shooting everything that moves, Wes is wasting food by shoving it in his fat gob and Ess is wasting her breath. And don't get me started on Mina Spirit, who's wasting no time in coming out with worthless comments today.

Find out more about the situation.
You know, I almost envy the poor fools in the Snowbound Village. We rely on provisions from the village, and this Zaap is our only means of fast communication. Ess told us not to use it too much, because some of the explosives are a bit dodgy. But I need to be sure that it's working at all times, or else how will Ingram Part and Brokkreitri be able to supply us with weapons and material in an emergency?
Admit that you have no idea.
All the other stuff, like food and equipment, is transported to us by Frigostian Carrier once a month. That's provided the carriers aren't delayed by bad weather, or split clean in two by lightning mid-flight.


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