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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Kent Gothrou
Location Jewellers' Quarter (Bonta)
Coords (-35,-61)
Options Talk

Kent Gothrou is an NPC.



May I help you?

Ask where is...
May I help you?
...the bank
Banks are located in the West side of the city.
You can deposit your money there in total security, the safety devices are unfailing.
End dialogue.
the tower of Bonta
The door of this tower is in the northwest of Bonta. It contains all the civil services of the city.
If you are looking for the treasurer or the mayor of Bonta, you will certainly find them over there.
End dialogue.
the militia's fort
The fort is located in the center of the city. It's both the training center and the headquarters of the militiamen. You will have to speak to Master Amayiro if you want to join our ranks.
End dialogue.
Tthe tower of the Orders
This tower is located in the lower part of the city. Its library is a treasure trove for anyone interested in magic.
End dialogue.
Inquire about...
May I help you?
...the militia
The main aim of the militia is to protect the inhabitants of Bonta against Brakmarian attacks. We're also here to help you and to give information on the city. Don't hesitate to go visit Master Amayiro if you wish to join us. I've heard he's looking for new spies. You'll find him in the fort, in the center of the city.
End dialogue.
...the districts of Bonta
The districts of Bonta are divided according to the different activities fulfilled by the craftsmen. You can easily recognize the main activity of a district thanks to the ornaments on the front of the houses and to the masts. The different coat of arms inscribe on the masts belong to the trade association.
End dialogue.
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