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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Kerub Crepin
Location Astrub City
Coords [3,-17]
Details Inside the house on the map of the Kickroach dungeon.
Options Talk

Kerub Crepin is an NPC.


If you have a magical item in your inventory


The shop is closed for stocktaking, but feel free to have a look around and admire all the marvels I've accumulated over the years. Ahh, I really have sailed the seven seas and more. The World of Twelve holds no secrets for Kerub Crepin!
If you find any rare items on your travels, feel free to show me them. I might just be able to tell you a bit about where they come from!

Show him a magical item.

Well, well, well. What have we got here?

Show him the Hairy Arachelmet.

Before, wandering about in the Astrub streets with this hairy thing on your head was the height of fashion, especially on a Saturday night. Did you know that the Arachelmet also allows you to understand what Arachnees are saying? It came in very useful for me at the time. Today, the beasts are a lot less chatty. Other than the sound of the breeze between their ears, you won't hear much.

Show him a Chichala Flask.

Oh! I see that you appreciate real men's drinks. The Chichala is by no means the weakest beer in Astrub... It certainly warms up the throat. Did you know that there was Peki Peki snot in the original recipe? There were loads of other unbelievable ingredients too... Such a drink should be consumed in moderation.. and with time on your side.

Show him a Large Unikron Horn.

Back in my day, heroes would risk their lives to find a legendary Unikron Horn. They're able to heal all symptoms. I went on the hunt for some when an old Sacrier friend of mine was really ill... It was an adventure and a half. I crossed paths with a band of pirates who wanted to throw me in the sea... The hairs on the back of my neck still stand on end when I think about it.

Show him the Koalak Chest Bag.

Woah woah woah! You're off your nut! Do you want bad luck to come and know this house right over: Get back from this chest and the cursed creature that follows it! Klak, klak, Koalak! May Scaramouche not attack! Koalak, klak, klak! May my luck never crack!

Show him a Pyrofuego.

Would you look at that...? A Pyrofuego! Nothing like a Fairywork to celebrate big occasions: birthdays, weddings, anniversaries... But you need to be sure that the explosive capsule is intact if you don't want to ignite the spectators. Did you make sure that the Crazy Xelor trademark isn't on this item anywhere? Hmm... It seems OK. Be aware of fake, bad quality ones. They're incredibly dangerous. When they make an appearance at parties, you need a team of specialists to defuse the situation.

Show him a Rikiki Wand.

*looks nervously at the wand* Hey, don't point that thing at me! You're not descended from that amazon Fifi, are you? No? You sure? Phew!
I know it's always nice having someone small around, but use your head! I couldn't run my shop if I were that small! And it seems like pipsqueaks never get to go on life-size adventures!



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  • Kerub Crepin also mentions that he has a brother named Atcham who loves to play Roshambo.
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