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Kolosso's Caverns
Difficulty 5 Insane
Area Frigost Island
Subarea The Fangs of Glass
Coords [-61,-69]
Key used to enter Kolosso's Caverns Key
Accepts Bunch of Keys Yes
Rewards Access to Mount Scauldron
Exclusive monsters Kolosso, Professor Xa, Venomous Brockhard
Other details

Kolosso's Caverns is a dungeon.


Kolosso's Caverns is found at (-61,-69) in The Fangs of Glass.


Entry requires giving a Kolosso's Caverns Key to Professor Xa (NPC), which is consumed.


Unlike most other dungeons, progress in the Kolosso's Caverns is not linear. Upon entering the dungeon players are greeted with five doors, four of which are numbered one, two, four and five, and the fifth with Professor Xa (NPC) next to it. (Another room with the number three used to be available, but was removed in order to shorten the dungeon.)

The numbered doors lead to rooms (called Badgette, Badgom, Badgauve and Jewel respectively) containing a mob each.

In order to enter the room by Professor Xa (NPC), which contains the final boss mob, players need to have the four relics. These relics are dropped by the mobs within each of the numbered rooms. Each of the rooms contains a unique relic. Players can collect up to five of each relic (after which point they cannot enter back into the numbered rooms) though only need one complete set in order to pass by Professor Xa. The rooms can be done in any order.


Mobs do not vary. Challenging is possible.

Kolosso's Caverns Badgette Room

Badgette room

Icy RoomEdit

Mob drops Icy Brockhard Relic

Kolosso's Caverns Badgom Room

Badgom room

Venomous RoomEdit

Mob drops Venomous Brockhard Relic

Kolosso's Caverns Badgauve Room

Badgauve room

Bestial RoomEdit

Mob drops Bestial Brockhard Relic

Kolosso's Caverns Jewel Room

Jewel room

Pyrotechnic RoomEdit

Mob drops Pyrotechnic Brockhard Relic

Kolosso's Caverns Final Room

Final room

Final RoomEdit


Upon completing the dungeon players will be able to access Mount Scauldron.

It is also the only place to find Kolosso, Professor Xa and Venomous Brockhard.

Related AchievementsEdit


A video released by Ankama, featuring Izmar, explaining the strategy for the boss of this dungeon.

DOFUS Time Kolosso Dungeon Tutorial

DOFUS Time Kolosso Dungeon Tutorial

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