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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Kroshop is an online shopping service which allows players to buy rare and powerful items, for Kroz.

Available ItemsEdit

Item Price, Kroz
Boarhog 2,500
Razorbuck 2,500
Krosmaset 400
Emote Scroll: Rub Hands 200
Emote Scroll: Thumb Your Nose 150
Emote Scroll: Mum's The Word 150
Krosmahat 120
Krosmacloak 120
Krosmastrap 100
Krosmaboots 100
Emote Scroll: Raised Fist 100
Emote Scroll: Draw Attention 100
Wee Willie Wincap 30
Bussinpoots Hat 30
Neon Cloak 20
Sirloin Cloak 20
O'Basan Spade 5
Hot Staff 5
Cranny Faddocks 3
Uggly Boots 3
Magic Roundabelt 3
Crocobelt 3
Five Cawat Ring 3
Staypul Ring 3


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