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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Location Amakna Countryside
Coords [5,3]
Options Talk, Buy, Exchange

Krozette is an NPC.



Welcome to my little shop! Here, you'll find everything a Krosmaster Player could hope for: figurines, Krosboxes, other competitors, a good mood, and plenty of fights with sore losers! I can swap you all sorts of figurines and Krosboxes for Kroken tokens. Yes sirree, those Kroken tokens will grant access to all that's on offer in my little shop!


Item Price (Krokens)
Small Strength Scroll 1
Small Agility Scroll 1
Small Vitality Scroll 1
Small Intelligence Scroll 1
Small Wisdom Scroll 1
Small Chance Scroll 1
Krosbox 2
Vitality Scroll 3
Wisdom Scroll 3
Intelligence Scroll 3
Strength Scroll 3
Agility Scroll 3
Chance Scroll 3
Great Chance Scroll 7
Great Strength Scroll 7
Great Agility Scroll 7
Great Intelligence Scroll 7
Great Wisdom Scroll 7
Great Vitality Scroll 7
Powerful Chance Scroll 17
Powerful Strength Scroll 17
Powerful Vitality Scroll 17
Powerful Intelligence Scroll 17
Powerful Agility Scroll 17
Powerful Wisdom Scroll 17


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