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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Kwaker Vans
Location Amakna Village
Coords [0,-1]
Options Talk, Exchange

Kwaker Vans is an NPC.



Hello, I'm Kwaker Vans, but you can call me Legend. That idiotic impostor Kelog Hornflex has taken my position as number one bread merchant in Amakna, but I'm preparing a counter-attack: Curryless Curry Bread!

Find out more about the Curryless Curry Bread.

It's a revolutionary idea but it needs lots of testing. I'm actually using the Chafer Archer Thighbone, ground into a powder, to simulate the taste of curry. The right mix is really difficult to find, plus, I'm running out of thighbones.

Ask what he's offering in exchange for the femur.

I'll give you one unit of wheatmeal. But you can also have the privilege of testing a prototype of my Curryless Curry Bread, the effect is not guaranteed, but it might surprise you. I'd normally use my apprentice to test prototypes, but he's been unusually reluctant this past few days.

Ask how much Curryless Curry Bread costs.

I'll give you a Curryless Curry Bread if you give me 5 Evil Dandelion Flowers. I need them to mask the smell of old bread.


Give To get
5 Evil Dandelion Flower 1 Curryless Curry Bread


After you talk to Kwaker Vans, his apprentice Jack Albreath appears.