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NPC Details
Area Dimensional Voyagers' Tower
Kyper the Collector
Location Hall of Voyagers
Coords [-22,-24]
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Kyper the Collector is an NPC.



Hi, adventurer! If you've got some Orichor in your bag, you can trust me to make sure it's put to good use. And naturally, the more you help us, the more generously you'll be rewarded.

Find out more about the Orichor

Nobody knows where this material with such extraordinary energetic properties comes from; all we know is that it's found only in the Divine Dimensions. The Voyagers need Orichor to power their portal generators, so in our eyes, it's a much more precious resource than gold or diamonds. When agents complete their missions correctly, they are rewarded in Orichor. Then they can go and speak to the collectors to chose their reward.

Ponder this information
Ask if missions are the only way to get Orichor.

Sometimes you can harvest small quantities from dimensional monsters, but Orichor is pretty hard to spot. Only adventurers who have completed a certain number of missions are able to detect it.



Item Price (Orichors)
Kamasterisk Eidolonic Veil 2
Dimensional Fabric 5
Emote Scroll: Locate a Portal 100
Emote Scroll: Hands Behind Back 300
Emote Scroll: Open a Pocket Portal 500


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