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NPC Details
Area Archipelago of Vulkania
L.O. DuhBrane
Location Pinki Crater
Coords [-51,40]
Options Talk

L.O. DuhBrane is an NPC.



Mpmpm vs b oppc.

Try to understand what he's on about.

Me astounded adventurers like you no polyglots.
You plan to conquer world with 6 Dofus? Plan bound to fail. Two reasons why.
One, is evident you intelligence is ordinary, mediocre even.
Two, Subtle, you not powerful enough to get 6 Dofus.

Find out more about the Pinki Crater.

Me guard entrance to Pinki Crater. If you want pass, you give Totem Erarious or show stamp in Vulkania Passport.

Ask what is in the crater.

Pinki Crater have clue on Matt Hematik slabs. It good test for improve you intelligence. If you not too stupid, or have less stupid friends, you be able to fight sleeping Grozilla and Grasmera. If you too weak, you end up barbecue.

Enter the Pinki Crater


Features in


Grants access to


The coded text, "Mpmpm vs b oppc" reads "Lolol ur a noob" when decoded.

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