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NPC Details
Area Evil Forest
Lanseuft of Troille
Location Enchanted Edge
Coords [-5,13]
Options Talk

Lanseuft of Troille is an NPC.



Behind these trees is a worrying maze of plants, and I'm its guardian. Many an adventurer has entered this labyrinth, but few have come back out. The Evil Forest is home to horrible creatures and haunted by the unfortunate souls who lost their lives in it. It's best to have some battle experience before setting foot in it...

Find out more about him.

I used to be a smith. I could melt metal just by looking at it! I've been on incredible adventures that took me throughout the World of Twelve and beyond, to the stars... Eventually, after much travelling – you could fill several abundantly illustrated books with my adventures – I ended up here. I made a promise to a Trool. I shouldn't have.

Try and find out more.

I'm not standing at the edge of these dark woods to tell my life story. My debt will be discharged when the forest's curse has been lifted. Only then will I be able to resume my adventures... Or perhaps retire, I've earned it.

Let him do his job as guardian and leave.


Features in


Lanseuft of Troille refers to the French comic Lanfeust of Troy.


Lanseuft of Troille used to give 1 Powerful Wisdom Scroll in exchange for 200 Moskito Wings, 90 Mushroom, 75 Wild Sunflower Seed and 60 Hemp Seed.