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NPC Details
Area Ohwymi
Laura Yon
Location Castuc Territory
Coords [15,-64]
Details Appears only while doing the quest.
Options Talk

Laura Yon is an NPC.



I don't like this bandit hideout. I feel like a Gobbette in the middle of a pack of Boowolves.

Express your surprise at their presence here.

I have a big problem to take care of, and who better than a bandit to take care of another bandit? Your attitude concerning this group of bandits surprised me, and it convinced me that you're the person I'm looking for.

Find out more.

I pay El Piko's treasurer to have the right to exploit a mine that I own in Castuc Territory. It's coveted by other Twelvians who have hired bandits to try and convince me to give it to them. I'm looking for someone to take care of these bandits in exchange for a big bonus.

Agree to confront the bandits for a meeting with El Piko and his treasurer.

My word, if that's more important to you than kamas, that works for me. Meet me in front of my mine. The entrance is near the village.

Have one last drink before leaving.


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