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LeChouque is a boss monster.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Lock
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
94 4,700~7,000 10 3 18 -10 0 36 0 110 110


  • Pirate Curse: Cast at the start of LeChouque's every turn. Infinite range. ~115 water damage. Instantly kills players that are below 31% HP and creates a summon (allied summons are not affected).
  • Cursed Saber Strike: Melee attack. ~170 neutral damage. -150 power to target for 2 turns. If the player is below 51% HP, creates a summon (allied summons are not affected).
  • Spectral Teleportation: Infinite range, cast once per turn. Swaps with one of its allies, buffs ally's power +200 for 2 turns.


Name Base Drop Rate
Normal (Archmonster)
LeChouque's Beard 1% 2
LeChouque's Buckle 5% 1
Quality Rum 15% 4
Scrawny Bwak 1% 4


LeChouque is a reference to the game trilogy "Monkey Island" where the big bad guy is a pirate called LeChuck. In the series you also come across his beard and curl at one point (Le Chouque's beard).