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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Ronald the Wise Lenald at [27,-47]
Other prerequisitesPandala: Its Fresh Air
Recommended level30
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (82,053 max), 1,776 Kamas and 1 Magic Grass Snake Tooth
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelSee Dark Vlad and Live, It Never Wains But It Pouws

Lenald Legend is a quest.


Talk to Ronald the Wise Lenald at [27,-47] at the end of Pandala: Its Fresh Air quest.

Step 1: Lenald LegendEdit

At last! You're nearly there! yet the surprises still aren't over... The Lenald on Cawwot Island will reveal something that has been kept secret until now.
You may accept his offer to teleport you to Madrestam Harbour for 100 Kamas.
  • Talk to Lily at [9,-2]
You may accept her offer to teleport you to The Wabbit Islands for 500 Kamas.
  • Find the map: Feltility Statue [23,-4]

Step 2: In the Temple of Your GodEdit

Following Lenald the Wise's advice, you plan your next expedition. You need to visit the temple of your god in Amakna.
Talk to your Dopple Trainer to start the fight. The Evil Dopple is Level 25 with 270 HP, 6ap, 3mp and no resists.
You will receive 1 Path and Trail: The Evil Forest.
Ask to enter the labyrinth and then ask for special authorization.


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