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Area Trool Fair
Leonzi Trool
Coords [-11,-37]
Options Talk

Leonzi Trool is an NPC.



For years, this place has entertained young and old. And then the goblins came... they drove everyone away. But I haven't lost hope: some day, they'll get bored and leave, and the Trool Fair will return to its former glory!

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Let me introduce myself. I'm Leonzi Trool, brilliant visionary. I use my modest means to help people enjoy themselves. Today, I've created something that will revolutionize the world of entertainment. And I'm proud of it. The goblin invasion is a problem, but I'll find a way to end this regrettable situation.

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They came by the dozen, without warning. I don't know exactly where they came from... the mountains of Amakna, or maybe the Sidimote Moors? They started harassing the clients and the fairground workers around here, playing tricks on them, committing all sorts of thefts, laughing all the time... and I won't even mention all the damage and vandalism.

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I know they're more stupid than mean, but the result is the same: there's hardly anyone at the fair. I'm looking for a way to make them go away, but for the moment, I haven't found any promising results.


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Leon Zitrone was a famous French journalist from late 50s to late 90s. It was he who made the first Eurovision commentary on French TV, for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.