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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Lina Vortald
Location Astrub City
Coords (3, -18)
Details Small Park
Options Talk

Lina Vortald is an NPC. She is looking for Ronan the Joker.



I'm Lina, a proud mercenary from Astrub. People reported a suspicious funny goblin in the area... I'm on the case.

Ask to know more.
Apparently the goblin's called Ronan and he has an unreasonable love for apples. But he doesn't seem to be dangerous.
Ask what Lina's favourite fruit is.
I don't know why this goblin loves apples so much, they're just full of soft seeds!
I like a fruit with a stone in the middle... peaches, apricots, cherries that kind of thing.
Say you know nothing about fruit, but a little more about flowers.
Ah? And according to you which flower is the most beautiful of all?
Lina is prettier than even the prettiest flower.
Dirty flatterer.
Add that Lina is a lovely little flower.
Say farewell to Lina.
Oh! You lout!
Go and learn how to talk to a lady!
You have lost 1000 Kamas.
End dialogue.
There's so much
If you like flowers, go and talk to Erty. He's a skilled botanist.
End dialogue.


Lina Vortald seems to be a reference to Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, which has a penguin for its mascot.

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