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To use spells with this property in combat, the caster must be able to see the target. This means that there can be nothing inbetween the caster and the object (character, monster, part of the scenery etc). Spells without this property will ignore all obstacles.

Spells with this property are not blocked by invisible characters, bushes, fences, unharvested cereals and flowers, but are blocked by Trees (cut or uncut).

To make it easier to see what blocks your Line of Sight, enable Tactical Mode when in a fight. Grey tiles are regular tiles, tall tiles block Line of Sight, and empty tiles do not block Line of Sight. Settings-Tactical Mode

The exact mechanism can easiest be explained from the images below (or by checking the Line of Sight simulator, link at the bottom of this page). A line is drawn from the center of the caster square to the center of the target square. Any square that the line crosses must not be blocked by another character or a high obstacle such as a tree.

Line of Sight

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Spells that do not require Line of Sight
Weapons that do not require Line of Sight

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