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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Liroye Merline
Location Handymen's Quarter (Bonta)
Coords [-26,-60]
Details Handymen's Workshop
Options Talk

Liroye Merline is an NPC.



Hello [name]. I'm Liroye Merline, Fidji Merline's sister and one of the most famous handywomen on the continent. My family has been doing things for itself for generations now, 'handying' as we call it. Recently my sister and I decided to set up a business. Since we want to share what handiness we know with everyone, we've decided to only open shops in enemy cities. Well, what handy hints do you want to know?

Learn the Handyman profession.

I wouldn't mind teaching you how to do little jobs but King Allister ordered me new drinking troughs for his mounts and I'm up to my eyes in work!

If you can bring me back 20 Ash planks and 15 Maple planks, I'll find some time to teach you the basic principle of the profession.

Hand over the planks and learn the profession.

Here you go! With everything I've taught you, you'll be able to create some basic items for breeders. But to do so, you'll need to have the appropriate tool - the Handyman Hammer. I don't have any to sell you. You'll have to find a hammer smith who has the time to make you one!

Ask for more information about the Handyman profession.

It's a fascinating profession, but maybe a bit too difficult for a little girl like me.

Ha! I'm kidding! We work together with breeders to invent various machines to take care of the mounts, so their owners are free to wander around the town or just sit still for days on end on their porches - a popular pastime round these parts. But mounts are quite violent when handled by heavy machinery, so our inventions always end up getting worn out before long. It's great for business!!!


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Liroye Merline is a reference to 'Leroy Merlin', a well-known french DIY concern.

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