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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Hippolyte Thermia at [-79,-42]
Other prerequisitesHe Wants to Be Buried at Sea, The Wreck of the Hesperus
Recommended level160
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 2,282,028), 28,780 Kamas, 3 Ice Kamas, 1 Memoirs of a Hothead, 1 Solfatara Ulna
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Pandapils Flask or 1 Pandaburg Flask
SequelIn Search of Al Ive

Low-Cost Heating is a quest.


Talk to Hippolyte Thermia at [-79,-42].


Hello! Welcome to the Frigost Library. Please try not to make any noise and ensure you put any books you borrow back where you found them.
I try to keep track of the history of our island, but several documents have been lost since the icing over. If by chance you find any, I would appreciate you bring them to me. I'll do two copies, one for you and one for here. The originals are kept in another building, the Tower of Archives, north of here.


Plinee the Younger came to fetch help to look for his uncle, Plinee the Elder. He disappeared during a study trip in the Tears of Ouronigride. Even though I'm not an adventurer, I promised my young friend I'd find his uncle. So I need your help. What do you say?

Find out more about Plinee the Elder.

The naturalist and former pupil of the famous volcanologist Hazieff Taroun has suggested we use domesticated Steam Cracklers to help defrost the port of Frigost Village. According to him, this ecological solution would enable us to reduce the consumption of fuel, notably wood, and the maintenance of the pipes which cover the island.
The municipal council has asked him to demonstrate his method before granthing the funds and the men necessary to help him with this project. So he went back to the Tears of Ouronigride and nobody's heard from him since.
Will you go and look for him?


Step 1: Steam PlantEdit

The naturalist Plinee the Elder has gone missing in the Tears of Ouronigride. At the request of his nephew, Plinee the Younger, Hippolyte Thermia has asked you to find him.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Plinee the Elder at [-68,-85].

I have to prove to the municipal council that my project is viable. We will be able to use a part of the current workforce for other jobs and reduce the deforestation of the island.

Ask how he's doing.

You're no doubt asking yourself how I plan to do it? Well, you should know that many of us Frigostians, myself included, have become geothermic experts. Some of my colleagues were trained by Count Harebourg and worked for him. as for the others and myself, we were taught by the famous volcanologist Hazieff Taroun.
We have benefitted a lot from this education and, moreover, it's part of the reason why I'm still here today.

Ask how the project's going.

An intelligent question, for a change.
After spending a long time studying Steam Craclers and other species living in the Tears of Ouronigride, I decided to move onto the next stage of my project: domestication. After several unsuccessful attempts, I realised I needed a magical assistance. Jamie Coggut is the man I need! Unfortunately, he's been missing since his attempt to get summer back in under 48 hours, quicker than Le Redoute. As far as I know, the last person to have seen him is Cap'n Tankerous.
If you find Jamie Coggut, I could finish my project and demonstrate its efficacy to the municipal council.

Ask about Jamie Coggut.

Hey, you're from the continent, aren't you? That means you can get drinks which we haven't had in decades.
Let's make a deal. You bring me a new drink from the continent that I've never tasted before and I'll tell you what you want to know.

Buy a Pandapils Flask or Pandaburg Flask at the Pandala Inn at [25,-35] and bring it to Cap'n Tankerous.
Hand over the drink.

Oh, what a beautiful bottle. You want information about Jamie Coggut, is that right?

Hand over a flask of (Pandaplis or Pandaburg}.

This one, I'm going to hang on to it for a while.
Now, I remember that Jamie Coggut was talking about using geothermic energy available from the Tears of Ouronigride to bring back the summer. He was completely mad.
The best you can do is to look for clues about steam creatures. I'm sure that these sly creatures are at the bottom of Jamie's disappearance.

  • Look for clues about steam creatures in the Tears of Ouronigride
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Kill Atomystiques until you drop a Mysterious Atomystique following character (drop rate 10%). Take the following Atomystique to Plinee the Elder at [-68,-85].
Ask what to do with the Atomystique.

Odd, anyone would think he's fallen in love with you. It's the first time I've helped with anything like this. Normally, the Atomystique are highly explosive.
Wait... This Atomystique is strange, look at its face. Look, there, can't you see it? Those aren't the eyes of an Atomystique, I sense an evil spell. I can't do anything about it but you'd better hurry up and get this creature to Jon Burrowman if you want to return it to its previous form.

Ask how to get rid of the Atomystique's curse.

What have we got here, then? A nice little couple. You've very cute together you know? Thinking of starting a family soon?
It's not what I think? That's a shame. Why don't you explain...
OK. Yes, I see. That looks like a non-consensual metamorphosis.
I can make a remedy if you want, but I'm going to need plants which come from the same region as the creature. Why don't go myself? The heat and humidity are bad for my skin and I don't like being drenched with sweat. What on earth would I look like, honestly?
Let's get back to our Mastogobblies. I'll need about ten Aline Roses - they're guarded by the Steam Cracklers - and 5 Maree Roses. I'll look after your Atomystique, if you don't mind.

These are dropped from The Tears of Ouronigride monsters. Drop rate is 20% normally, but 100% from Atomystiques.
Found at [-70,-87], [-71,-85] and [-72,-84].
-Note- The respawn time is 10 minutes for each rose.
After the above two materials have been gathered talk to Jon Burrowman again at [-81,-44].
Hand over the flowers.

Just what I needed.
Do you really want me to make the Atomystique drink this? I've got used to his company, you know.
Ok then, it's up to you.
Be careful, close your eyes and your mouth and block your nose and ears.


You saved me. I will be eternally grateful... but only for one day, no longer.
What can I do for you? Grow you some hairs for your chest? A talisman for protection against mother-in-laws? A strength potion for Dragoturkets, or for you?

Ask for help for Plinee the Elder.

I'll go with you until you find him. I'll negotiate the terms of my help with him.
Are you sure you don't want a love potion? You seem to be in need of one. Listen, if you buy two love potions, I'll throw in a talisman which will protect your back against Sidimote Trool attacks.
No? You're sure? You know where I am if you change your mind.

Take Jamie Coggut to see Plinee the Elder.


Don't get too close or this Steam Crackler will creep in to my nostrils and vaporise my brain.

Ask what's going off.

During your absence, which seemed to last an eternity, the Crackler I was trying to domesticate took me hostage. He wants to negotiate my freedom.


- Offer a bath towel so belin can dry himself after taking a Jacuzzi.
- Offer a trip to the port with a stopover in Frigost's plumbing system, passing through Alma's Cradle, the Lonesome Pine Trails, the Frozen Fields and Frigost Village.

First choice.

Thank the Gods, he's accepted your offer.
I'm going to stay here and, with the help of Jamie Coggut, will finish this project. Since you like helping so much, did you know that there's village nearby. You can get there by crossing the Asparah Gorge. It was filled in by an avalanche and the people who live there are the allies and former servants of Count Harebourg.
Our mayor has forbidden any contact with this village so give it some careful thought before you go there.

Explain Plinee the Elder.

Finally, some good news! Plinee the Younger is going to be so happy to hear it. As for myself, I'm happy to know that my old friend is ok and, what's more, you've found Jamie Coggut.
Now that I think about it, you have been in such a rush that you haven't given me time to talk to you about the region. The tears of Ouronigride possess very potent geothermic activity and lots of studies have been carried out on this area. There's very little known about this science outside of the island and it's often looked down upon by the divinities, who don't appreciate that the natural potential coming from the entrails of the earth could be used to harness a dangerously powerful energy if it gets into the wrong hands.
Now that I think about it, maybe we should take some responsibility for what's happened on the island.


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