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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Disciple of Sept at [0,-25]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level30
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 71,795), 1,480 Kamas, 2 Miliboowolf Hair, 2 Prespic Peak
Items required
(not provided by quest)
100 Kamas

Lumberjacks in Distress is a quest.


Talk to Disciple of Sept at [0,-25] in Astrub Forest.


In this bounteous forest, the trees grow again almost as soon as they're chopped down... That, my friend, is definitely a place blessed by the divine Sept! Blessed be his name!

Find out more about about Sept.

Sept is the god of abundance. Thanks to him, the local workers always have work, they're never bored... As their foreman, I pride myself on motivating them so that they chop with joy, in good spirits, and for the love of a job well done.

Say that he seems worried.

You're astute! I do indeed have a problem. Some of my slav... I mean, some of my team of brave woodcutters have been slaughtered. I notified the militia, but they take a long time to do anything... As a result, my little Andre fears for his safety, and productivity is down, of course. It's intolerable! It makes me want to throw some axes around, I tell you.

Ask who's responsible for the attacks.

It seems to be an enormous wild beast. But not the one causing chaos in Astrub. I'm pretty certain it's a great big Boowolf, probably a pack leader... Now that I think of it, you seem to be a strong sort, what'd you say to helping me restore some calm to the forest? I'm sure it wouldn't do your reputation any harm.


Your best bet is to whack a few Miliboowolves to lure the Boowolf out of the woods. So, go and slaughter a few. Go on, it's therapeutic!

Go on a Miliboowolf hunt.

Step 1: Lumberjacks in DistressEdit

A wild beast is terrorising the lumberjacks of Astrub Forest. Sept's disciple has asked you to hunt down this threat and neutralise the threat.
  • Talk to a lumberjack who survived a ferocious beast's attack
  • Buy some honey from the Astrub Grocery Store
An Ecaflip waves to get your attention... It looks like he wants to talk to you.
  • Speak to the Ecaflip
  • Find the map: Bearman Camp
  • [-2,-16]
  • Make the Bearman come out of his hiding place
  • Click on the three barrels.
  • You will lose 1 Bonta Honey
You will enter a fight with 1 Level 200 Artand against 1 Level 30 Bear-Man.
Other characters cannot join the fight.
Bear-Man becomes vulnerable after Artand attacks the Murderous Bear summon.
  • Defeat the Bearman with Artand's help
You will lose 1 Osamodas Spellbook


Related AchievementsEdit

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