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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Ma Cleopatra
Location Astrub City
Coords [3,-21]
Details Free Greenic
Options Talk

Ma Cleopatra is an NPC.

Formerly known as Nepra Lido.



You look tired. You have a real Pandawa face. Stick out your tongue so I can see. Hmm... Go to bed a little earlier and rest between quests. That should make things better.

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After all the rebuilding, we finally have a place where we can take care of the sick! The Free Greenic is for all those who can't be treated at home. Plant-based medicine will cure the majority of afflictions. On the other hand, if you're looking for a cure for ignorance, I advise you to head for the library instead.


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Ma Cleopatra is an anagram of Paracetamol. The former name, Nepra Lido, was a syllabic reverse for Doliprane, a French brandname for Paracetamol.

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