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Main Trap is a monster.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Parry MP Parry Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
200 5,500 0 0  ? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  ?  ?  ?  ? -


This fight must be done alone. To win the fight you must reach one of the two white cells at the top of the room. You will permanently have -100 MP and Gravity state, but you will also have 2 special spells just for this fight; Cautious Advance and Cat Litter. Cautious Advance ignores Gravity state and is used to move around for 1 AP, up to twice per turn. Cat Litter will fully heal you, remove all effects on you and teleport you onto the green glyph at the back of the room. While on this green glyph you are Invulnerable.

There are several dangerous traps and glyphs in this fight. Nearly every cell you step on will trigger a trap that can either damage you, poison you, reduce your resistances or reduce your power. The long black glyphs are like conveyor belts that move robots down each turn. The horizontal yellow glyphs seem to damage and poison you. The singular pink glyphs seem to shield or heal you. It is not exactly known what the random red or blue glyphs do.

There are also monsters in the fight that are set up like traps to hurt you or get in your way. The Bombass cannot be killed but they are not a threat, they just seem to pull the Capush robots down the black glyph. The Capush robots are only meant to push you back and get in your way, but they can be killed. The Harpurrner turrets will shoot and poison you from a distance, but they can be killed. The Kikitty cats will place a brown glyph when you get near them, which seems to deal a lot of neutral damage, but they can be killed too. Finally, the Wyrmling Statuettes will damage and poison you if you end your turn linear to them, and these cannot be killed.

Try to stay on the long black glyph and keep moving forward. Never end your turn linear to one of the Wyrmling Statuettes. Destroy the Harpurrners as you go, to avoid their damage and remove their poison. You will also have to destroy the Capush robots too, so they don't get in your way. If you get near a Kikitty cat make sure to kill it before the brown glyphs become a problem. You can use Cat Litter to full heal and remove poisons, but you will lose your progress and still be eroded, so if you are doing well you should never even need to use Cat Litter.

Use healing and stealing spells or a weapon that steals. You can use certain advancing or pulling spells, depending on your class, to move forward quicker. Try to destroy your obstacles quickly, while stealing their HP when you need it. You can place summons, like Cawwot, to steal HP from.

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