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Malicious Chest

Malicious Chest is a monster.


See Notes for more information.


Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Lock
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
1 99 5 4 0 0 0 0 0 6 6



Name Base Drop Rate
Normal (Archmonster)
Diamond Stone 100% 1
Emerald Stone 100% 1
Golden Brioche 100% 1
Rye Bread 100% 1


Malicious Chest has a respawn time of 1~2 hours.

To access [-4,19], you must walk around [0,22], this area has many platforms, if you step between the two plants in the center it will take you to another map, then step on the most top center square and it will take you to the chest map.

To access [-7,21], you must step on the most bottom center square at [-6,20].

To access [1,34], see Dark Miner's Treasure Map Quest.

To access [-1,27], see Dark Baker's Treasure Map Quest.