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NPC Details
Area Cania Plains
Mama Ayuto
Location Imp Village
Coords [-19,-23]
Options Talk

Mama Ayuto is an NPC.



HEY BUDDY STOP RIGHT THERE! Where do you think you're going?! No way you'll get close to my children. I don't want a little weak pacifist teaching them bad habits. They must be surrounded by good, strong men at all times for them to be strong and good themselves


The Imps are safe, so long as I watch over them. If someone starts trouble with them, that someone will have to answer to me!

Demand to access the village.

I'll let you through... but watch out! If I catch you too close to the cherubs, you'll regret it! You'll get a good whack on the head with my roller!

Approach the hanging cage.


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