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Astrub Equipment Market

See also: Sales Guide

Markets are great places to buy and sell your resources and equipment. Because markets don't require players to use merchant mode, they provide an excellent place for F2P players to sell their items. Players can sell items individually or in sets of 10 or 100.

Once you click on a Market, you may buy or put up for sale items related to that marketplace. For each item you put up for sale at the marketplace, you are charged a sale fee of 2% (a percentage of your sales price).

It is possible to modify the sale price of an item already for sale directly from the sales interface (without having to remove the item and then put it back up for sale). The selling time is renewed when the pack's price is modified.

A price modification tax must also be paid:

If the pack's price is reduced: a 1% tax from the pack's total price is applied.
If the pack's price is increased: in addition to the 1% tax, the usual 2% tax is applied on the difference between the pack's initial cost and its modified cost.

The items you leave for sale in the market have a limit, the bigger your level is the more items you can put up for sale (e.g. a Level 9 player can store 9 items, while a Level 199 character can store up to 199 items per account) and a time limit (672 hours) or until someone buys them. If nobody buys your item(s), they will be returned to your Bank, however, you will not get your fee back. If someone does buy your item(s), then the Kamas you receive from selling it are deposited directly into your Bank.

Note that you can also withdraw your item if you need it before it has been bought.

Markets in Astrub and Incarnam have a significant limitation: Only items below level 60 can be sold and bought there.

Market Locations[]

Location Resource Consumables Equipment Creature Rune Soul
Incarnam [1,-3]
Astrub [4,-17] [3,-19] [6,-17]
Bonta [-30,-53] [-30,-60] [-27,-51] [-36,-56] [-32,-55] [-32,-57]
Brakmar [-22,40] [-27,32] [-27,39] [-32,37] [-28,36] [-27,38]
Frigost Village [-77,40] [-80,43] [-78,40] [-83,-40]
Breeder Village [-13,3] [-16,2] [-17,1]
Coastal Village [-47,19] [-46,17] [-46,20]
Pandala Village [21,-28] [21,-29] [19,-29] [17,-29]
Sufokia [21,23] [12,29] [12,26] [13,24]
Market Categories
Consumables Bag of resources, Bread, Characteristic Scroll, Chest, Conquest potion, Container, Document, Drink, Edible fish, Edible meat, Emote Scroll, Experience scroll, Fairywork, Mimisymbic, Perceptor deleveling potion, Potion, Prism, Smilies Scroll, Spell-learning Scroll, Teleportation Potion, Title Scroll, Treat
Creature Breeding Item, Capturing net, Dragoturkey Certificate, Harness, Living object, Mount potion, Pet, Pet food, Petsmount, Receipt, Rhineetle Certificate, Seemyool Certificate
Equipment Amulet, Axe, Backpack, Belt, Boots, Bow, Ceremonial item, Cloak, Costume, Dagger, Hammer, Hat, Magic Weapon, Pickaxe, Ring, Scythe, Shield, Shovel, Sidekick, Staff, Sword, Trophy, Wand
Resource Alchemy equipment, Alloy, Bark, Bone, Bud, Carapace, Cereal, Dungeon keeper essence, Dye, Ear, Egg, Exploration equipment, Eye, Fabric, Feather, Fish, Fish juice, Flower, Fruit, Garment, Hair, Idol, Jelly, Key, Kwismas, Leather, Leg, Meat, Metaria, Miscellaneous resource, Mushroom, Oil, Ore, Pebble, Plank, Plant, Powder, Precious stone, Preparation, Root, Sap, Seed, Shell, Skin, Stone, Substrate, Tail, Vegetable, Wing, Wood, Wool
Rune Corruption Rune, Smithmagic orb, Smithmagic Potion, Smithmagic Rune, Transcendence Rune
Soul Full Soul Stone, Soul Stone