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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Matt Sacurrin
Location Astrub City
Coords [4,-15]
Details Only available until you complete quest.
Options Talk

Matt Sacurrin is an NPC.



Oi. Givvus 10 kamas. Blud, don't be a stinge, innit...Has you hactually looked at yourself recently though? You obviously 'ave got 10 kamas though, innit. What blud? Yeah, so what if my clothes is designer. Don't stop you giving me 10 kamas, duzzit? Come on!

During Quest
Ask him politely to follow you.

D'you think you're 'ard or summit', bruv?! Given' me orders n' dat! Got nowt to say? Dass right. Shut up. I do what I want, and I want what I does, innit. If I want to shout all night and insult peepz walkin' past, I will. You int gonna stop me.

Drag him kicking and screaming.


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