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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Markaris at [25,27] (Rygurgal Plateau)
Level required 200
Other prerequisites ?
Recommended level 200
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 43,980 Kamas, 10 Pearl of the Depths, 5 Angular Stones
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel ?
Repeatable No

Memoires of an Amnesiac is a quest.


Talk to Markaris at [25,27], in the Rygurgal Plateau.


Step 1: Memoires of an Amnesiac

  • Talk to the camp's Foggernauts
Talk to Mel Well ([22,28] Inside Sufokia Palace).
Talk to Ferdi McGellan ([13,25], Sufokia).
  • Inspect Yug's Chasm for Toklium Ore
Click on the rock at [26,28], then speak to the Npc's that appear.
  • Defeat the Toklium Ore guardians
You will be attacked by 2 lvl 200 mobs from the area. It's a solo fight.
After defeating them you will receive 1 Enigmatic Item, speak to the Monsters Npc's once more to finish them off.
  • Take the Toklium Ore
Click on the Rock again, you will receive 1 Toklium Ore.
  • Get 8 Tritun Brains and drop them off at Dementia Cave

(Dropped from Tritun mobs, 100% drop).

After dropping the brains, go to [25,28] and click on the squares next to the large shell to enter the cave.
  • Talk to Mi-To [25,28]
  • Find the map: Lisa Kaya's Tavern [-81,-41]
  • Question the regulars
  • Talk to Narouto Heczexekse Choose option about rising up against queen.
  • Talk to Narouto Heczexekse [23,26] Underwater in entrance
  • Escort Narouto Heczexekse to Mi-To [25,28]
  • Talk to Markaris [25,27]
  • Talk to Mi-To [25,28]
  • Talk to Markaris
  • Talk to Mi-To
  • Talk to Markaris
  • Accompany Markaris to the archaeologist's camp [22,28] and talk to Ankgear Marine
  • Talk to Doctor Liz Merryl inside
  • Talk to Jack Mouldon outside
  • Talk to Jack Mouldon [27,27]
  • Protect the siphon
This fight sucks, basically finish next to bag to get a repair buff, then on next turn finish next to towers to "repair" it. Try to kill monsters while you're at it. Turret removes invulnerability on spookkoth, Batista hits 3 targets instead of 2 and does more damage, other one is junk ^^
  • Talk to Jack Mouldon
  • Talk to Markaris


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