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  • I have modified the quest template with an optional choice to use if a quest is part of a series that leads to acquiring a dofus, including the quest number out of how many total to receive that dofus. Many of the quests, such as for the Cawwot Dofus have been changed, making previous guides out of date. I simply urge anybody with extra time to review the dofus quests, and then to alter the quest articles to reflect the new/removed quests and the current order. I have only used the new feature on one quest, so as to demonstrate its functionality: Egg or Cawwot? (but without any order or total added yet). I really think that some editors need to specialize and focus on completing a single task (e.g. dofus quests or resource updates). I know I am all over the place, but I shall focus more on completing the sets now (I promise^^). Thank you.

    Please Note: When ordering quests for the achievement of a dofus, please include necessary prerequisite quests as part of the list, such as the multitudinous Astrub quests that must be done before a player can start the Cawwot Dofus questline. Further, when two or more quests can be done simultaneously, just order them in the easiest way, so as to have a clear line to follow.

    Here are two examples that I have done, which you can follow in structure: Turquoise Blue and Deep Crimson

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  • Repeating the same message on many walls and with your combative and condescending "I know better" attitude and WAM scores does not make you or your style very appealing. Prior to changing templates, layouts, graphics, and design - a conversation needs to be had. When you are told no that is not a good idea - you don't care about the input and continue to vandalize the wiki by not following its guidelines, templates, and theme.

    I agree and many people agree that some things could be updated and simplified but the way you went about it is not at all productive to this community. If you want to make changes, propose them...when people say no it doesn't look good or flow well. Accept the criticism.

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    • The inter-language link has finally been processed. All existing (known) Dofus pages are linked (in theory). We still need to add the name of the item in various languages at the bottom of each page. I have started in my updating of resources (see Air Pikoko Nut and Air Pikoko Rump), but the process will take time.

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    • Apparently there's something wrong with the pt-br link. Pt is aimed at portuguese people, and pt-br at brazilians. However, they both link to the same old and out-of-date wiki. The brazilian wiki (the pt-br one) is currently being update by me for the past 3 years. Here's the link:

      Would you mind contacting the support staff to fix it?

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