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NPC Details
Area Moon Island
Michaela Winner
Location Turtle Beach
Coords [33,11]
Options Talk

Michaela Winner is an NPC.



I prefer this island's climate to Pandawa's. Besides, over there competition is tight and absolutely everyone brews their own fermented bamboo milk.

Say that you have come to take delivery of the keg Shuga Kane Paid for.

Oh... there's been a slight problem... a thief stole the merchandise from me, and is asking for a million kamas for it! I can't pay that much for a keg of rum!

Ask who is responsible for this.

It's a certain Sram, a real crook who goes by the name of Kris. I don't know how he got here, but he seems to have it in for me! He's bound to be wandering around somewhere on the beach, preparing some other dastardly deed...

Go and look for Kris.


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