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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Militia Merchant (Bonta)
Location City Centre (Bonta)
Coords (-33,-56)
Options Talk, Buy

Militia Merchant (Bonta) is an NPC.

For the NPC of the same name in Brakmar see Militia Merchant (Brakmar).



Hello, (your name). My shop is open to any militiamen who have proved themselves by serving our city. If that's not you, well, there's always time to enlist.


Item Price (Alitons)
Slab 10
Bontick 20
Emote Scroll: Salute 40
..... 60
Emote Scroll: Deploy Bontarian Wings 80
Bontarian Dragoturkey Harness 90
Bontarian Seemyool Harness 90
Gobbalator 200
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