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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesHouse Hunting (Bonta Quest #54)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (max: 5,108,600), Alignment level 55
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelThe Militiaman's New Clothes (Bonta Quest #56)

Modern Warrior : Special Tactics is a quest.



Do you remember William Lenglad, the young troublemaker you roughed up not so long ago? Well, you'll have to talk to him again, he's got a new sidekick. An idiotic old Bwork, but an old Bwork who seems quite dangerous all the same.

....Go teach them another lesson! And make sure they don't forget it this time!

Accept the mission

Step 1: Lenglad Is in for a New SessionEdit

William Lenglad needs to be taught another lesson.
  • Defeat Lenglad and return to Amayiro

If you, like me, have seen enough of the segregation that's tearing this town apart, the rich on the left and the poor on the right and... AAAH! It's you! Let me warn you: my new partner 'Bawurk', as he calls himself, will give you what's coming to you and that'll be the last I'll see of you.

Let's fight, Lenglad!
You will fight William Lenglad, Lady Meriane, and Little Jan along with Bawurk. You will drop Lenglad's Underpants from the fight. Go back to Amayiro.

Have you calmed Lenglad down?

Show the underpants.

Wow, you really got stuck in! Still, at least it'll keep him quiet for a while. Thanks to you, the town's businessmen and women can get back to work and will stop moaning about the militia, allowing us to get down to more important things. Justfa Lafs isn't happy with our military tactics. He said they left a lot to be desired! As head of the militia, I am obliged to make sure my men are being trained properly. Go see Justfa Lafs and ask him if he can think of any way to improve our troops' performance in the field.


Salutations. Amayiro sent you to sort out our difficulty with manoeuvres, did he?


I suppose you know what all this is about already, so I'm not going to beat around the bush. Our militians are terrible, they can't coordinate themselves, and so our tactics are completely useless. We need to find a tactician who can form a link between our strategists and our brainless foot soldiers. The Pandala Library is famous for its huge collection of works on military history, including the seminal "Art of war in Getas", and "War in Pieces". You'll definitely find someone who knows a thing or two about tactics over there.

Step 2: A Refreshing Little LiftEdit

You must find a tactician and convince him to join Bonta's ranks.
  • Look for more information in Pandala Library
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Talk to Dick Kerboo Brandtawa
Ask him about possible tacticians.

We get a lot of tacticians in the library, because we have many books on the subject. There's one tactician in particular who's been coming here for the past 30 years or so to study. Gomery Mont is his name, an Enutrof. Unfortunately, he got it into his head to visit the Skeleton Dungeon to practice his professtion. I say unfortunately because he was meant to come back more than a week ago and we still haven't heard a thing from him. Something must have gone wrong.

Kitsoune Secret Room Ladder

Kitsoune Dungeon Room 6

In room 6 of the Dungeon, there is a ladder at the bottom left corner of the map.

One minute, let me think.

Ask what he's doing here.

I came with thirty years of tough practice behind me, I found some travelling companions who wanted to steal Chafer bones. Everything was going fine until the Eniripsa and the Feca abandoned us, saying that their mother wanted them back home. Seriously though... can you believe it? Leaving us there in a dungeon to fend for ourselves? My other companions tried to get out, but they were slain and chopped up into little square pieces. As for me, I dug a hole with my spade and make a ladder with the leftovers of my travelling companions. I'm lucky that none of the monsters from above have ventured down here yet. So how about we get out of here together?

Accept in return for him helping Bonta.

Really? You want me to come help your troops in their manoeuvres? With pleasure! Get me out of here and take me to your boss. As far as I can see, there's only two groups between us and the exit. Ah no, here come some Tanuki Chan. They must have followed us here. I'll let you take care of them - to be honest, their voracious sexual appetite is too tiring for me.

Repel the Tanuki Chan.
Note: Could be a level-based fight. Edited by a level 200 character. If someone does this quest on a lower level character, please note it said ribs before edit.
There will be three level 135 Tanuki Chans. When you are finished, Gomery Mont will come with you but will not help to finish the dungeon.

Hello. How is the search for a decent tactician going? We have to improve the efficiency of our militia on the ground.

Introduce Gomery Mont.

If only our militia had more warriors like yourself... You've done well. I'll make sure to talk to Amayiro about you.


Hello, have you spoken to Justfa Lafs in the Tower of Orders? Patience isn't his strong point so I suggest you get there in plenty of time.

Explain the success of the mission.

You managed it!? You found a competent tactician? I would like to believe that Justfa was in seventh heaven. This tactician helped us to apply our strategies and to communicate with our men better than ever.


  • Level-Based XP
  • Alignment level 55
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