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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36]
Level required119
Other prerequisitesInstant Delivery (Brakmar Quest #48)
Recommended level110
Total rewardsAlignment Level 49, Level-Based XP (Max: 1,889,202)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelBottomless Pits (Brakmar Quest #50)

Moment of Truth is a quest.


Talk to Oto Mustam at [-26,36].


NPCs text.

Step 1: InterviewEdit

Everything's ready. You just have to find Xephires in the Drunken Pandawa Inn, give him the letter and make an appointment for his answer.
Inside the Tower of Bonta, go to the top floor, then left.

Step 2: Victory!Edit

Xephires accepts the conditions and is ready to betray Bonta when the moment comes. Oto will be delighted to hear the news.

Step 3: Stabbing the HaggisEdit

Oto Mustam was convinced that you were planning on tricking him. You have to find that jewel really soon to ensure that the rest of your life is worth living.
  • Find the map: Bandits' hideout [-26,37]

Step 4: Vengeance, MwahahahaEdit

The bandits' hideout is boobytrapped. You'll need to find someone to go with you and help you deactivate the devices protecting the bandit's treasure.
  • Find the map : Bandits' hideout [-26,37]
You need to bring with you a Sram, a Pandawa and an Osamodas. Inside the house, leave the Sram on the tile and take the other characters downstairs. Leave the Pandawa on the next tile and go downstairs with the Osamodas. Let the Osamodas stand in front of the cupboard while you stand on the tile with your own character. The cupboard will move and let you inside the secret room.
Talk to Kalfing Cow and fight her and 6 Ugly Srams to get the jewel.
Other characters can join the fight.
You will drop 1 Milone's Jewel.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 1,889,202)
  • Alignment Level 49
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