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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Location Edge of the Evil Forest
Coords (1,18)
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Musa is an NPC.



What can Musa the Wolf Killer do for you?

Ask about this character.
You can be sure that Musa the Wolf Killer is the best hunter in all Amakna. No thing or beast can resist me.
Find out more about the Hunter profession.
Hunting is quite easy! All you need is the right weapon to kill the animal straight away. If the animal is only hurt or badly wounded, the hunter won't get a good price for the meat afterwards.
Become a Hunter.
Hey, Musa the Wolf Killer told you it was easy but it's not THAT easy! Handling a hunter's weapon requires a few skills. Let Musa have proof of your dexterity and he will name you hunter.
Accept the challenge.
Ok, since you want it so much... You'll have to kill a Gobball as fast as possible: you have two minutes. Prove you can do it and I'll name you hunter.
Begin the fight.

What can Musa the Wolf killer do for you?

Mention the hunter challenge.
So, did you manage to carve up the beast?
Show the Gobbal leg.
What dexterity! Well done... As you wanted it, Musa the Wolf Killer bestows the name of hunter upon you.


Item Price (Kamas)
Hunting Knife 1
The Hunter's Soul 250
Hunting Axe 1000
Hunting Bow 5000
Hunting Wand 5000
Hunting Shovel 5000
Hunting Blade 5000
Hunting Spear 10000
Class Hammer 20000


Teaches the profession