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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub Cemetery
Coords [2,-14]
Options Talk

Nistracolamus is an NPC.



Ooommmm... Is there a spirit available to keep me company? Yoooohooooo! Yoooohooooo! No one? Mundi placet et spiritus minima! Come to me, spirits! Yoooohooooo!

Find out more about the priests.

You can never have too many good priests! We guide the living to keep them on the right path and watch over the dead in their resting places.
Perhaps you've already experienced the altogether unpleasant sensation of becoming a ghost? The Phoenix's magic can breathe life into those who have unfinished business in this world... but such a miracle comes at a cost.

Keep listening.

It might be useful to know that a good alchemist's potion can work wonders for your spiritual energy levels! These "stiff" drinks, as they're known – Pahoa, Ghetto and Raid Boole – aren't known for their flavour, but they can pick you up in no time!

Find out more about the phoenix.

If you are unfortunate enough to have died recently, you can return to this Phoenix in ghost form to get back your earthly body. Try not to forget! I have to go now, I've got a ghost waiting on the other line.


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