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Nomarow Transplent

Nomarow Transplent is a monster.

For the Server of a similar name, see Nomarow.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other)
HP AP MP Lock Neutral Resistance Earth Resistance Fire Resistance Water Resistance Air Resistance Neutral Resistance Earth Resistance Fire Resistance Water Resistance Air Resistance AP Parry MP Parry Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
130 16,000 9 5 50 30 -15 15 -15 -10 0 0 0 0 0 58 62 0 0


  • Eternal Punishment: Cast at the start of the fight. Whenever Nomarow is damaged, he gains a slight stat bonus for 5 turns (like the old versions of Sac's Punishments).
  • Aerial Assault: 1-3 Range. Cast 4 times per turn, once per target. ~100 air damage.
  • Aqueous Transposition: 1-14 Range (modifiable). 4 turn cooldown. Switches positions with the target and deals ~220 water damage.
  • Burning Absorption: 1-3 Range. Cast once per turn. Deals ~120 fire damage in a 1 cell AoE.
  • Magnetism: 1-30 Range. Cast once per target. Attracts up to 7 cells.
  • (!)Sanction: Melee attack. 2 turn initial cooldown (cannot be cast until turn 3), and 2 turn cooldown. Deals 30% of Nomarow's current HP as neutral damage (30% of 16,000 is 4,800 damage, if Nomarow is full HP).


Nomarow's melee attack Sanction is his main damage ability. The less HP Nomarow has, the less damage it will deal. To minimize the amount of damage you take on turn 3, you want to do as much damage to Nomarow as possible in the first 2 turns.

The best strategy is to just try and kill Nomarow as fast as possible. Even if Nomarow is at half HP (8,000), he can still attack for 2,400 damage with Sanction. You don't want to leave him alive for longer than needed.


Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Nomarow Transplent (following character) 100% Bounty Quest
Princely Recruit's Sheet 100% Quest
Filled-in Training Sheet 100% Quest
Parched Recruit's Sheet 100% Quest
Lugubrious Recruit's Sheet 100% Quest
Reprobate Recruit's Sheet 100% Quest
Wrapped Up Recruit's Sheet 100% Quest