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Information on this page is no longer relevant, and thus it has been archived. This page is considered to be no longer useful and should not be edited.

See Riff-Raft for the new version of this quest for Nomoon.
This page is still valid for Dofus Touch.

The Nomoon Quest is an unofficial quest (it's not recorded in the quest log).

Needed Items[]

Items needed to complete the quest are as follows. If you want, you can purchase all of them before starting the quest, to save time.

  • 4 Essential Ropes or 800 Kamas to buy them from an NPC
  • 10 Kokokonuts (for exchange) and 6 Kokokonuts (or more to enter The Deep Moon Jungle)
  • 17 Kokokonut Palm Trunks
  • 16 Glu
  • 5 Orange Larva Skin and 2,000 kamas or 1 Captain Pirate's Cute Shorts


The quest revolves around you bringing the correct materials to Kib Rock at (35,11).

  1. Buy 4 Essential Ropes from the NPC at (34,11), in order to do so you must pick "Ask how to get in." Each Rope costs 200 Kamas.
  2. Collect 17 Kokokonut Palm Trunks. Turn 14 into Kokoko Wood Planks (1 Trunk per Plank). Turn 2 Trunks into 1 Kokoko Wood Beam. You can do this using the bench next to Kib Rock. Make sure you are left with 1 Kokokonut Palm Trunk as you will need this later.
  3. Get 16 Glu. It's dropped by Glukokos and Greedovores in the The Deep Moon Jungle. The entrance is located at (34,5), and you need Kokokonuts to enter and move around. Be careful, monsters there are aggressive. The prospecting lock of Glu is 400 from Glukokos and 100 for Greedovores.
  4. Exchange 5 Orange Larva Skins and 5,000 Kamas with Ortimus at (32,4) for Captain Pirate's Cute Shorts. You can alternatively drop them from LeChouque.
  5. Go to (35,5), enter the ship that looks like a toilet and exchange with Kara Bean for 6 Bottles of Rum (1 Glu and 2 Planks each Rum).
  6. Go to (36,10) and enter the the hidden maze walking over the shallow water at the edge of the map. Press shift+1 to display the grid and it will show you the path.
    Nomoon Maze 1

    Start here.

    Nomoon Maze 2

    Nomoon Maze 3

    Take top right spot.

    Nomoon Maze 4

    Take right spot.

    Nomoon Maze 5

    Take left spot.

    Nomoon Maze 6

    Take right up corner spot.

    Nomoon Maze 7


  7. Exchange 10 Kokokonuts with the pirate Seth Halitosis for the Not Tempting Canvas. Then exchange 1 Bottle of Rum for 1 Empty Barrel. You will need 6 in total.

At the end you must have the following items:

  • 6 Empty Barrels
  • 4 Essential Ropes
  • 2 Kokoko Wood Planks
  • 1 Kokoko Wood Beam
  • 1 Kokokonut Palm Trunk
  • 1 Not Tempting Canvas
  • 1 Captain Pirate's Cute Shorts
  • 10 Glu

Now, talk to Kib Rock at (35,11), give him all the items, and you'll receive a Nomoon.