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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Nowa at (2,-17)
Other prerequisites The Dofus and The Pandawa
Recommended level 20
Total rewards Level-based XP (39,312 max), 936 Kamas, 1 Dofawa
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 Tofu Egg
Sequel In Search of the Missing Enus

Nowa's Ark is a quest.


Talk to Nowa at (2,-17)


To tell you the truth, the goddess Pandawa came and talked to me last night! She told me a flood will beat down on the World! And not a beer flood but a water flood... that's gonna be ugly! And, the goddess asked me to save two specimens of each of the creatures of this World! I've already gathered quite a large part of them but I'm still missing the Tofu eggs... Could you please bring me two of them back? You seem to be a bit scatterbrained, so write it down on your book! Consult it to know the different quests you are working on...

Show me the Quest Book.
Got it.

Step 1: Tofu Eggs for Nowa[]

Take two Tofu Eggs to Nowa.
You lose the eggs

Thanks a lot! Two Tofu eggs, how precious! There's a male and a female at least? You're not sure? Well, you must go ask Magus Ax... He knows a lot about this World and its creatures and I needed to see him anyway... Believe it or not but I found a Dofus! You'll have the privilege to carry it to Magus Ax. This dragon egg seems to be extremely fragile but I don't know why... Ask the Magus about it! Dofus are his specialty...

You will receive 1 Dofawa.

Step 2: Talk to Magus Ax[]

The Magus Ax should be able to analyse the Tofu eggs and the Dofus.

Well, hello there, adventurer. What can I do for you?'

Show the eggs and ask if both a male and female Tofu will be born from them.

What do I know? I'm not a Tofu breeder!

Look crestfallen and ask if you can ask another question.

I'm listening...

Ask his opinion about the Dofus.

What? You dare to bring a Dofawa to me? This is not a Dofus, but a copy created from a Dragoturkey egg!

Bring up the Pandawa.

Haha! Typical! Someone asked you to do something and you've done it! Did you really think I'd believe you? Then again... A Pandawa, you say? It's possible, you know! Who would be stupid enough to brag about having a Dofawa?

Seem mislead...

To prevent you from being misled in the future, just listen to me carefully. There's an easy way to recognize a Dofawa: their magic content is very low... To check it, just consult your inventory, slide the egg from your bag to one of your pockets designed for the Dofus. If the effects are nil or almost nil, the egg is a fake! By the way, a Dofus is a dragon egg. You wouldn't believe how powerful these eggs are!

Show me the inventory.
Alright, I understand!

I advise you destroy this item straight away! You don't want to be caught with a Dofawa by the mercenaries of Astrub, believe me... The best thing for you to do would be to get some information about the governing laws of our regions. This way you won't put your life at stake unnecessarily. Go to the jail in Astrub, mercenaries will tell you more about Dofus and Pandala.

Consider me there!

Step 3: The Mercenary Chief and the Enutrof[]

Igor Ant knows what the Dofawa dealers get up to.



Nowa's Ark is a reference to the Biblical tale about Noah's Ark, where Noah is told by God to save 2 of every animal from an impending flood.