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NPC Details
Area Ohwymi
Old Saguaro
Location Castuc Territory
Coords [15,-65]
Options Talk

Old Saguaro is an NPC.



Are you looking for a fight?

Say no.

Then your timing's perfect. I've had enough of fighting all the time. The life of a pillager doesn't really suit me. I'm much too old for these poinkeries. Poink.

Reassure them that you have no murderous intent.
Be sure you don't have any murderous desires, then go for the throat to begin the fight.

You're very wise. Your fragile skin would have taken quite the beating, in any case. Poink.

Ask if the Castucs had thick skin even back when they were a pacific people.
Take this as a provocation and lunge towards them to start a fight.

I see you're well-informed. Poink. A very long time ago, Ohwymi started to dry out. Our morphology had to adapt to survive this great drought. We were used to living on very green lands that made harvesting easy for us when we were moving around. Poink. The region's inhabitants, who used to call us Nature's spirits at the time, accused us of causing this drought. But it definitely wasn't our fault, because we had as much to gain as they did from the fertile ground. Poink.

Ask what caused this drought.

I don't know any more about it. It's remained a mystery to us. Poink. If we hadn't adapted, we probably wouldn't have lasted yery long. But I really don't know anything more about it. This is knowledge that has been difficult to retain throughout our history.

Finish taking notes, and leave.

  • Dialogue only if you know the Castucs language.


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