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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Oli Venders
Location Astrub City
Coords (2,-16)
Options Talk

Oli Venders is an NPC.



I don't have time, sonny! Too much wood to sell!

Learn how to be a Lumberjack

Are you sure you want to become a lumberjack? You can be my apprentice but you need to be motivate!


You are now the apprentice under my supervision, do not disappoint me! To cut down trees, you'll need a good axe - you can buy one of mine for now, I'll give you a good price. Once you have it in your hands, pick a tree and start chopping like a nutter! One last thing, don't choose a hardwood tree. I'll write down where the softer trees are in your lumberjack's logbook, then you can practice on them.

End dialogue.
Enquire about his profession

Hmpf, I'm a staff carver but above all, a master Lumberjack. No tree can resist the swippity swipe of my axe, get ti? Not even the great Elm. This job is rather easy so long as you have time. You just need to know the good spots.

End dialogue.


Features in


His name is a pun on Olivander, the wand seller in Harry Potter series.