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Orders are specialist groups available to devoted members of certain alignments. Bontarian or Brakmarian players without an order are known as a neophyte. To join an order, neophytes must complete the first 20 bonta/brakmar alignment quests. Currently there are three orders within the Bontarian and Brakmarian alignments. Every 20 alignment quests done the player may progress a level within the order.

It's possible to change your order after you've chosen one. If you talk to your order's leader (i.e. the NPC that assigns it) you will be given the option to leave it. If you choose to do so, you will keep your alignment level, but you will lose all order levels you have gained. After leaving, you will be able to join another order right away, but there is a 7 day waiting time before you can leave the new order.

In-game information about the specific order can be found by talking to the order's leader, as well as in a book by the leader.

If you want to quit your order you must talk to Order master.

However, if you have accepted first order quest and want to join another order, you must complete the ongoing order quest and quit the current order. After that you can join to another one.

By Alignment & Quest Level[]

Alignment Order Level 1
20 Quests
Level 2
40 Quests
Level 3
60 Quests
Level 4
80 Quests
Level 5
100 Quests
Valiant Heart Valiant Heart Disciple of Menalt Squire Knight of Hope Supreme Champion Legendary Hero
Sharp Eye Sharp Eye Disciple of Silvosse Silent Spy Renegade Hunter Supreme Assassin Master of Illusions
Salvatory Spirit Salvatory Spirit Disciple of Jiva Enlightened Apprentice Follower of Writing Master of Scrolls Guardian of Knowledge
Bleeding Heart Bleeding Heart Disciple of Djaul Knife Fighter Knight of Despair Champion of Chaos Apocalypse Hero
Putrid Eye Putrid Eye Disciple of Brumaire Dark Spy Soul Hunter Psychopath Master of Shadows
Unsound Mind Unsound Mind Disciple of Hecate Dark Apprentice Follower of Pain Master of Brutality Guardian of Torture


Orders used to have bonuses and Order Ability Items.