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NPC Details
Area Moon Island
Location The Forbidden Jungle
Coords (32,4)
Options Talk

Ortimus is an NPC.



Hehehe, it was a good idea to come to this island. There are some valuable goods knocking around, not to mention all of the weaklings with overflowing pockets...No need to fight, all you have to do is wait for a Kanniball or another local monster to gobble them up.

Ask about valuable objects.
For instance, look at these pink shorts...just looking at them you wouldn't think they are of any interest. However, they are the magic shorts of the captain of the pirates...Some people say they bring luck when at sea. I'm sure I will sell them off for a good price.
Ask about the purchase.
You want to buy them yourself? Why not, it would save me a great deal of time. I will let you have it for 2,000 kamas and 5 orange larva skins. I need them to make a potion of invisibility. At that price, it's a real gift...
If you don't have the required items:
You would like to steal it? From ME? How funny...come back again when you decide to pay the fair price I ask.
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