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NPC Details
Area Pet Sanctuary
Coords (-7,-1)
Details End of Pet Sanctuary
Options Talk, Resurrect a pet

Oshima is an NPC.



I'm very impressed, little one! You defeated my pets.
I think I ought to try and bring you back to life now.
I'll swap a resurrection powder and your ghost body for a resurrection, but it will only be effective once out of here.
Then, you'll be with your master again.

  • Get out of the Sanctuary.
  • Stay in the sanctuary to do the exchange.

Resurrect a petEdit

Item For
1 Pet Ghost, 1 Resurrection Powder 1 Pet with stats equal to the Ghost Pet and 1 HP.

Once revived, this pet will have 1 HP and the same stats as before. Feeding it Eniripsa Powder before doing anything else with it is highly advised.