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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Location The Amakna Forest
Coords [9,21]
Options Talk

Oshimo is an NPC.



Animal welfare is not of primary concern to Amaknians. Which is a shame, because we need them more than they need us.

Ask for information about this place.

This simple dwelling is a kennel, a refuge for domestic animals that have been abandoned. We used to board pets as well, but this is no longer necessary: now they won't leave their owners for a second!

Find out more about him.

My name is Oshimo Bigglip. A long time ago, I came from afar to help stop the great plague affecting pets... and eventually, I decided to stay.

Ask about the great plague.

The epidemic was a terrible thing. The symptoms were highly varied; some pets experienced severe weight gain and their skin burned, while others would become fast as the wind yet very sensitive to cold. All of them perished, suffering terribly in the end.

Keep listening.

Silouate, Protector of Aperirel, cast a spell to save the poor creatures. The stricken pets then experienced a sort of rebirth. The protector's magic strengthened the bonds between pet and their owners... and that magic remains in effect to this day.


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