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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Location The Tears of Ouronigride
Coords [-73,-84]
Options Talk

Oynop is an NPC.



Thank you for saving me. The demon left me here encased in lava, but the big freeze prevented my growth. Now I'm an adult and free to make my own decisions, I'm going to find a way to show you my gratitude.


Have you ever met Gnaa? He comes to visit me from time to time and teaches me how to master the elements that make up the Quadramental Breeze. It's very difficult for me because I am a creature of water, but I keep at it. According to him, once the four fragments of each elemnt are reunited, a jeweller can use the resulting stones to make a magic amulet that only the masters of the elments may use. If one day you come into possessions of such jewel, be sure to come and see me.


Features in


  • Oynop is Ponyo backwards. This is a reference to the movie, Ponyo.
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