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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Guard Irwax
Other prerequisites Pandavignon, if Pandawa Proud to be a Pandawa
Recommended level 20
Total rewards Level-based XP (8,599 max), 195 Kamas, 3 Bulbamboo Shoot, ability to interact with Pandala's NPCs
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1,000 Kamas
Sequel Pandala: Its Goddess

Pandala: An Island Like No Other is a quest.

Formerly known as Pandala: An Island Unlike the Others.


Talk to Guard Irwax at 19,-28 and agree to pay the tax.


Greating, strange! Now listen carefully, I won't say this twice: "On the orders of Grandapan, every single adventurer who sets so much as a toe on Pandala island has to pay the McSheth levy".


Perfect! Go see one of our famous peddlers! They are enlisted by the Grandapan to receive the tax payment and will be happy to take a few Kamas off you. Hurrah for Pandala! Long live the Grandapan!

I refuse

No Pandarista tax, no Pandala! As simple as that!

In this case, I accept!
What is McSheth?

This is a local specialty. There are a lot of them on Pandala island: the Pandneken, the Pandwiser, the Pandaburg... You'll get to know them soon... *Knowing wink.*

Accepting the quest gives you access to the island, but most NPCs will not talk to you until you have completed it.
This quest is not available to Pandawas.

Step 1: Let the Sun Shine in Pandala![]

Upon your arrival in Pandala, you must put your papers in order with the administration. Plus, you'll have to the dreaded McSheth levy.

Hola! You have a sharp eye, sign of intelligence! You and me, we'll get on... You're coming to pay your Pandrista tax? Buy this wonderful Pandawan hand-made headgear from me and you'll be all square!

I refuse, I want to pay the tax

I can see you're tough when it comes to business... As they've been worn already, I'll let you have it cheap...

I WANT to pay the TAX!

I've already told you again and again that you pay the tax when you buy a Pandawa hat...

Long live Pandala!

Long live Grandapan! *Gives a sharp look.*

Step 2: McSheth on Our Doorstep![]

Find a travelling seller. Here, you'll be able to pay the McSheth levy. Do not hesitate to strongly insist, they may not admit it at first, but they like it really.
  • Pay the McSheth levy
Buy a Pandawa Headgear from Narber the Merchant for 1000 kamas.
Then talk to Narber the Merchant (choose What now?), he will tell you:

It's not only for you to buy... my good man... You have to use it! But before you put it on, smell it as you'd do with a flower...

Use (double-click) Pandawa Headgear to obtain the curse McSheth.
Talk to Narber the Merchant

Perfect! Wear this Pandawa hat to show you've paid the tax! Now, I recommend you to go visit Shaman Surivitna. What an odd noise! It's coming from your belly, isn't it? That's what happens when you wear a Pandawa hat in Pandala without being a Pandawa from Pandala... you get a visit from McSheth...

Step 3: My First Shaman Party![]

Request help to the Shaman! Hurry!

Interesting! Your eyeball is REALLY wan... Let me guess: first, your breath smelling like an old constipated dragoturkey... Then, your last meal is trying to escape your body through every possible hole. And finally, you're wearing a Pandawa hat in Pandala without being a Pandawa from Pandala! No doubt possible: you've got the Pandrista!

Shaman, Heal me!

Repeat 5 times to yourself: ""Trouble, trouble, soll and bubble, Mire turn to solid rubble!" and you'll be cured. But i must warn you that our island can be very dangerous for happy-go-lucky adventurers!"


Some of us have been very nervous since new arrivals set foot on our ancestral island. Not all Pandawas obey to the laws of the Grandapan! Pandikazes, those rebels, are the worst! Incidentally, the seller who unloaded this hat onto you might be one of them... And this mysterious illness infecting the Enutrofs of Astrub is not helping... Be careful...

Thank you!
You will lose the McSheth curse.