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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Mayoowa the Merchant at [25,-34]
Other prerequisites Pandala: Its Villages
Recommended level 25
Total rewards Level-based XP (57,173 max), 1,326 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Lenald Legend

Pandala: Its Fresh Air is a quest.

Formerly known as Pandala, a Fresh Breathe.


Talk to Mayoowa the Merchant at [25,-34].

Step 1: Infiltration[]

The messenger of Lenald the Wise wants you to go to the edge of the village of Aerdala. On your way, you think about his last words: Many adventurers were given a cold welcome in Aerdala. Some say they're allied to the rebel Pandawas - those who sabotaged all the access roads of the island.
  • Find the map: Secret meeting place [17,-36]
You will be put into the Lofty Pandikaze Jail at [17,-36].

Step 2: Skedaddling[]

You don't seem to be welcome in Aerdala. Will you be able to get out of this troubling situation?
  • Find a way to escape
Talk to Timouss (NPC).
You and Timouss will enter a fight against 4 Solitary Confinement Guards.


  • Level-based XP (57,173 max)
  • 1,326 Kamas