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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Pyrite at [24,-35]
Other prerequisites Pandala: An Island Like No Other, Medical Visit
Recommended level 25
Total rewards Level-based XP (57,172 max), 1,326 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Pandala: Its Inn

Pandala: Its Goddess is a quest.


Talk to Pyrite at [24,-35].

You will receive 1 Fake Dofus.

Step 1: Grandapan: a Nice Pandawa[]

Go and see Grandapan to pass on Fallanster's message. Well-versed in local custom, Grandapan's an expert in Pandawan legends.
You will lose 1 Fake Dofus.

Step 2: The Statue of the Goddess[]

Grandapan gladly accepted the Enutrofs' gift. As an ardent admirer of the Dofus hunters, he gives you a warm welcome.
  • Accompany the Shaman's assistant to the statue of the goddess at [26,-39]

Step 3: Libation to the Goddess[]

Thanks to your help, the Shaman Assistant can start the thank-you ritual to thank the Goddess. He will be ready right after you offer him a traditional Pandawa gift.
You will receive 1 Pandala Amulet.

Our Grandapan - Glory be to Grandapan! - has been a little... illuminated lately, he hasn't had his feet on the ground ever since he took an astral trip to meet the goddess. In short, he seems to have lost his mind... And his advisers are taking full advantage of it!

The advisers?

Haven't you seen those merchants selling the Statues of the goddess? All those fake dragons eggs? The advisers have planned to flood the workshops of the World with cheap products made in Pandala! In the meantime, ancestral Pandawa values are going down the swanee!

The Pandawas ancestral values?

Have you noticed that you alwaya repeat the ends of my sentences... Weird habit you have... Oh well! The ancestors of the Pandawa used to be robust fellows. Bottle-fed since their childhood with fermented bamboo milk, our forebears used to learn the three commandments off by heart from a young age.

The three what?

Here are the three commandments of the goddess: Drink, Guzzle and Fight. Here is a piece of advice: go and visit the wise Lenald. He's the only one on this island who will tell you the truth! Take this amulet with you and he'll know that you're coming as a friend!


Step 4: Lenald the Wise[]

A soft drink saleswoman advises you to talk to Lenald the Wise. According to her, he is the only one to know the entire truth about Pandala and its mysteries.
You will receive 1 Pandapiler Special.

Hello! You're welcome to my house noble stlangel. You've got an eye that sparkels like a stal in the night... and I see that she sent you by Flolarala's amulet... What can I do fol you?

What do you know about the Dofus, wise Lenald?

I know vely little, my fliend, but enough to satisfy you. Bling a Pandapiler flask to my old fliend, the mastel of the village of Akwadala and I'll tell you evelything I know about the Dofus of Pandala.

A Dofus?! In Pandala?

I said, 'first bring a Pandapiler to the master of Akwadala!'


Step 5: It Is Forbidden to Sell Water to People Under the Age Of[]

The water way consists of avoiding any water, either by absorption or submersion (partly or totally submerged), not drinking deliberately or washing yourself (except if extremely necessary). Find the master of the water way: he knows more than he lets on.
Go to [21,-26] and talk to Guard Thehellwat. He will teleport you inside the Akwadala Dojo where you will find the Master of Akwadala.

You're about to enter the Village of Akwadala. Only those who have proven their strength can go through.

Explain the purpose of your visit.

Oh, I see... exceptional circumstances, I'll take you directly to the Master and will bring you back out straight after your interview.

Talk to Master of Akwadala.
You will lose 1 Pandapiler Special.

If you come with a flask in hand, I shall protect you 'till the end, this is an Akwadala saying... it seems you recognise it! Let me taste this brew... Yuk! It's water! Water in a Pandapiler flask! SACRILEGE! I ought to chop your head off!

We'll see about that!

Hahaha! Don't worry... it's a sign of recognition between wise Lenald and I. Welcome! Now, what are you doing in this neck of the woods?

I'm trying to find out about the legend of the Dofus!

So, the old wise told you about this old legend... and you believed him?! Even among the Lenald people, there are very few who still believe in this story...But wise Lenald is absolutely convinced. Long long ago, the story goes, the Lenalds used to protect dragon eggs... It was such a long time ago...

Is that all?

... I've heard that a messenger came from the continent. Apparently he brought a Dofus on to the island... Crazy man! If the Pandikazes happen to find out who he is, he's a dead man... You know, with all those rebels sabotaging stuff, an accident could easily happen. *Broad grin*

Very well, thank you.

You'd better go get some rest at the village Inn. You look exhausted from your trip across the island... and to think that it was just to bring me this flask.

Talk to Guard Thehellwat to leave the dojo.

Do you wish to come back? I'll take you to the Zaap in the village and from there you can go to the central Zaap.



  • Level-based XP (57,172 max)
  • 1,326 Kamas