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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Mayoowa the Merchant at [25,-35]
Other prerequisites Pandala: Its Inn or Mysteries in Pandala (if you are a Pandawa)
Recommended level 25
Total rewards Level-based XP (57,173 max), 1,326 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Pandala: Its Fresh Air
Repeatable No

Pandala: Its Villages is a quest.

Formerly known as Pandala: The Villages.


Talk to Mayoowa the Merchant in the pub at [25,-35].

Step 1: A Freaky Accent[]

Lenald the Wise asks you to go to Aerdala Village, or maybe Terrdala; impossible to really understand with such a freaky accent! Once you're there, wherever there may be, talk to the Pandawushu Master.
Go to [31,-35] and talk to Guard Dahhellwat. He will teleport you inside the Terrdala Dojo where you will find the Master of Terrdala.
You will receive 10 Bamboo Wood.

Step 2: By the Shieldsmith[]

At Terrdala, no one is available to take the raw materials to the shieldsmith's workshop. Forging shield is essential for the Pandawa warriors. Fortunately you're here to do the job!
  • Take 10 Bamboo Wood to Bouwada at [26,-35]
You will lose 10 Bamboo Wood and receive 1 Training Shield.

Step 3: Shield Handling for Newbies[]

To thank you for the delivery, the shield smith offers you a gift: a small training shield. Talk to the Pandasiman Master to learn how to use it properly.
Ask for a free training.
Equip your Training Shield and talk to the Pandasiman Master again. You will begin the training.
You will lose the Training Shield.

Step 4: A Message of Wisdom[]

At the end of your training, a messenger has brought you a message
Mayoowa wants to talk to you in front of the dojo!
She is outside the Dojo at [25,-34]


  • Level-based XP (57,173 max)
  • 1,326 Kamas