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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Moku at [12,-21]
Level required 10/20
Other prerequisites Subscriber
Recommended level 30
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 1480 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
50 Nettles, 5 Army of Ticks
Sequel Under the Northern Lights
Repeatable No
Leads to Dofus Domakuro quest 1 of 8

Pandala Awakens is a quest.


Moku tells us we cannot cross the bridge because it is regularly attacked by aggressive spirits. Workers are currently trying to fix the bridge but the Rotceres have gone into a complete panic so they keep attacking the workers. We can help by taking out a few Rotceres so that the workers can fix the bridge in peace.


Speak to Moku at [12,-21] in Astrub Quarry.

Pandala will never be the same again. The Pandawa people are trying to find their place after the appearance of the spirits and all these changes. My job hasn't changed much... and I'm a wee bit jealous.

Ask to cross the bridge.

Oh, no, that won't be possible. Sorry. The bridge isn't in good enough condition for that. It is regularly attacked by aggressive spirits and our guards are having trouble getting rid of them. After each fight, the bridge comes close to collapsing in on itself. I can't let you across under these conditions.

Ask when it'll be possible.

Our workers are busy fixing it, but the events that triggered the island's transformation have put the nearby Rotceres into a complete panic so they keep attacking, which delays the repairs.

Express surprise that they're a problem.

They had been calm for a while, though... I can't leave my post but you look sturdy. Would you like to teach them a lesson?

Agree to help Moku calm down the Rotceres.

Step 1: Rotceres[]

All these monsters can be found in the Astrub Quarry area.

Say that you've taken care of the Rotceres.

Ahh, thank you, friend! Now those pick fanatics will think twice before coming back to bother us. The workers will have finished the repairs soon... But, tell me, have you tried to get the anti-McSheth serum yet?

Ask what McSheth is.

It's an illness that runs rampant among newcomers to our island. The symptoms are constipated Dragoturkey breath and a sudden urge to empty your body through every possible orifice. Those of us who live on the island have built up an immunity to it, but the serum was recently developed to avoid such... inconveniences.

Find out more about the serum.

All I know is that it was developed in Astrub. You should ask a nurse or someone like that for more information... From what I hear, it's still in the experimental phase. In any case, it's good news. The serum brings new hope to all the intestines in the World of Twelve!

Decide to try your luck in Astrub.

Step 2: McSheth Serum[]

Story: Before entering Pandala we need to get the anti-McSheth serum. McSheth is an illness that runs rampant among newcomers to our island and has some strange symptons. Inhabitants of Pandala are resistant to it but we will need to get the serum.

  • Find someone who can protect you from the McSheth

Go to [3,-21] and enter the building on the top left. Talk to Ma Cleopatra.

Enter the Alchemists' Workshop at [3,-21] and talk to Dragonsly.

You will receive 1 Empty Syringe.

This requires 50 Nettles, 5 Army of Ticks and 1 Het Dawa Blood Sample which is obtained by talking to Het Dawa at [6,-18].

Craft the Anti-McSheth Serum in any Alchemists' Workshop.

Note: Unlike Anti-McSheth Serum, Het Dawa Blood Sample is not a Quest Item and is not linked to the character (although it cannot be sold in the Markets). If you lose the sample you may talk to Het Dawa again to get another sample. It is technically possible to craft several Anti-McSheth Serums however it is unnecessary as you will lose all serums afterwards anyway.

You will lose 1 Anti-McSheth Serum.
You will lose 1 Empty Syringe.

Talk to Ma Cleopatra.

Step 3: First Time in Pandala[]

Story: After making our own serum we finally make it to Pandala.

Go to [19,-28].

He is at [19,-28].

You will receive 1 Pint of Fermented Bamboo Milk.

Story: The guard tells us we need to open our consciousness to the spirits around us. We can do this by drinking fermented bamboo milk.

  • Drink the beer to open your consciousness to the spirits around you

Double-click the Pint of Fermented Bamboo Milk in your "Quest items" tab. You will be teleported into a room inside the Pandazaap Inn (2nd floor) at [20-29].

You will lose 1 Pint of Fermented Bamboo Milk.
  • Talk to the spirit in the room

Talk to Doukwang.

Step 4: Finish the Quest[]

Story: After drinking some really strong alcohol we start tripping out and meet a spirit called Doukwang. It's about time to get out of here.

  • Leave the room

Walk down to the 1st floor of Pandazaap Inn. Note: Using a Recall Potion or entering the Haven Bag will not immediately update the quest step.


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